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When you put books into brains, everyone benefits.
BetterBookClub is like no other book club out there—it’s a professional growth tool tailored to the goals of your business.

Flexible, effective, and efficient, BetterBookClub is the smartest investment you can make in your people.

Why BetterBookClub Works

Choose only the books that matter to you.
BetterBookClub lets you build a library of titles that align with your company’s objectives, goals, and culture. Your team members then have the freedom to choose the titles that fit their personal and professional goals.
Shape your company’s culture.
BetterBookClub records what titles members are reading and which books they’ve read in the past. It also tracks the most popular and highest-rated books in your library, providing you with a bird’s-eye view of your team members’ interests and motivations.
Incentivize growth.
Assign point values to books based on length or how important they are within your organization. Members can see where they stack up in your company and check out ratings and feedback from their colleagues for each title.
Save money on training.
Nothing beats the lessons learned from a great book. The time, energy, and attention required to read a book makes for a powerful learning experience. With BetterBookClub, every book becomes a pocket-sized seminar—anytime. No travel required.
BetterBookClub Dashboard

  • Personalize It

    Submit a book report or tag the book you are currently reading.

    View and add book titles you want to follow.

    Add book titles to create your own library.

  • Share Recommendations

    Share books you’re reading via social media.

    Follow other users as they read and collect points.

    Recommend books to other members.

  • Track & Reward Progress

    Rate completed books on a 5-star scale.

    Reward users for reading by assigning points to books.

    Search for books you’ve read and add them to your profile.

  • View Statistics

    Submit a book report to accumulate points.

    View statistics on users, the books they’ve read, and their book reports.

    See the books you’ve read across all your book clubs.

  • Manage Reports & Meetings

    Create book report questions for your club.

    Schedule and sign up for book club meetings.

    View feedback from other members on books they’ve read.

Build strong team member relationships.

BetterBookClub meetings can bring team members together who don’t often interact with each other. And when people at every level of your company read and share ideas, they propel your company forward.

“Creating a culture of world class customer service often starts with reading about world-class customer service. I would encourage you to build your culture with BetterBookClub.”



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