BetterBook Podcast Ep. #002- FIND YOUR YELLOW TUX

by Alli Durfee | August 16th, 2018

FIND YOUR YELLOW TUX: How To Be Successful By Standing Out

FIND YOUR YELLOW TUX by Jesse Cole details how you can find your secret sauce.

At this point in his career, Jesse has grown accustomed to getting looks. Sometimes from TSA as he boards a flight in his bright yellow tuxedo, or even across the table from his employees during an intense idea session. At any rate, Jesse has built his organization and himself from a bold and refreshing perspective: “If it’s normal, do the exact opposite.”

For Jesse, this concept is as straightforward as it is robust— if you continue to do normal stuff, you will always be met with normal results.

“People come to our games and say, ‘I’ve never seen something like this before!'”

Jesse is the owner and operator of Fans First Entertainment and the Savannah Bananas baseball team. The Bananas are a part of the Coastal Plain Summer League and have been named league’s Organization of the Year for two years running, including their first year as a team! Jesse would tell you that it’s all about doing things differently— like stuffing 15 people in a portable restroom! (Yes, a literal porta-john on the field with 15 human beings inside of it…) Why? Fans First Entertainment and the Savannah Bananas are creating what Jesse calls, Fans First Moments.

Listen to our interview with Jesse below, and check out his podcast for great business insights.

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Author Sponsorship Program #002- Jesse Cole from Worth Doing Wrong on Vimeo.