New in BetterBookClub: Updates to Meetings, Managing the Library, and more…

by Kayla Diaz | December 29th, 2018

You spoke, and we listened. Based on feedback from our most engaged users, we’ve implemented significant improvements to managing Meetings and the Library, as well as minor tweaks and bug fixes throughout the application. Read on for all the details!


Everyone wins with our new Meetings updates! Here’s a quick breakdown of what we’ve added or improved:

  • Leave Meetings
  • Joining Meetings
  • Meeting Time Zones
  • Edit Meetings

Leave Meetings

Sometimes life happens and plans change. You signed up for Tuesday’s book club meeting, but something urgent has come up and you can no longer attend. Not to worry! You can now leave Meetings you’ve previously signed up for at the click of a button.

How to Leave a Meeting
  1. Navigate to the Meetings page.
  2. Select the Meeting you’d like to leave.
  3. Select the Leave Meeting button in the bottom right corner.
  4. Select Yes, leave meeting.

Joining Meetings

Part of signing up for a Meeting is choosing what book from your club’s Library you’ll be discussing with the group. In the past, you could only choose books you’ve tagged as read—but what if you haven’t quite finished it by the time you’re ready to sign up? We’ve now expanded the selection to include books you’ve tagged, added to your Reading Queue, or marked as Currently Reading.

If you don’t see your book appear in the search results, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Double check that it’s in your book club’s Library. (Only books that are in your club’s Library can be chosen for a Meeting.)
  • If it is in the Library, head to your Profile and check to make sure you’ve either tagged it, added it to your Reading Queue, or marked it as Currently Reading.

Meeting Time Zones

Many companies have offices and team members spanning several different time zones. With this in mind, we’ve added functionality so that Admins and Champions can now choose a time zone when scheduling meetings!

Once a meeting is scheduled, the time will automatically reflect the time zone for each team member based on their own location.

Edit Meetings

Need to change the location of your book club meeting or, perhaps, move it to a different date? Admins and Champions can now edit existing meetings!

Simply navigate to the Meetings page and click the Edit Meetings button to make your changes.


Managing the Library

Admins and Champions—we’ve made building and managing your book club’s Library easier than ever.

Here’s our newest features at a glance:

  • Add Top Business Books in Bulk
  • Bulk Edit the Library
  • Add and Edit Manual Titles

Add Top Business Books in Bulk

We’ve taken the guesswork and, most importantly, the time out of building your book club’s Library with the best, most relevant business books. Admins and Champions can now add the most popular books read by members of BetterBookClub’s Founders Circle with just a couple clicks.

BetterBookClub’s Founders Circle is an exclusive book club made up of the best and brightest in business including the co-founders of BetterBookClub, the CEOs and leaders of our most engaged book clubs, and other industry leaders.

Here’s how to add Founders Circle books:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Library page.
  2. In the top left corner, select + Add Top BBC Founders Circle Books.
  3. Choose the quantity you’d like to add.
  4. Select Add Titles to Library.

Bulk Edit the Library

Perhaps you’ve just filled your new book club’s Library with 100 of the top Founders Circle books and now you need to assign points to all of them, or maybe your club’s growing Library has gotten a bit cluttered and it’s time to clean out some unneeded titles. Admins and Champions can now edit points and delete titles in bulk!

Simply select the checkbox next to the titles you wish to edit, then click on either the Edit Points button or the Delete button in the top left corner.

Add and Edit Manual Titles

Although our Amazon integration offers a vast selection of titles to add to your club’s Library, it may not always have everything you need. It’s for this reason we gave Admins and Champions the option to add titles manually; however, up until now, the functionality was a bit limited. We’ve now added the option to upload a book cover as well as the ability to fully edit manual titles.


That’s not all…

Along with these updates, we made a handful of minor improvements and bug fixes as well. Here’s a quick list of what else is new:

  • The Library now automatically sorts by popularity.
  • The Profile now sorts titles under the Books Read tab by date read.
  • The View Members page now includes the ability to sort members by the number of books read.
  • We fixed issues causing the Books Read tab and Reading Queue not to sync for users in multiple book clubs.
  • Saved book reports are no longer included when viewing a user’s book reports on the Analytics page.
  • On a book’s Detail Page, members who’ve marked the title as Currently Reading are no longer included in the list of co-workers who have read the book.
  • When entering dates on the Manage Book Reports page, the results now include book reports submitted on the dates chosen.
  • We fixed a cache issue that occurred when existing users accepted invitations to new book clubs.


. . .
Have questions, ideas, or feedback? We’d love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at, or log in to BetterBookClub and click the chat bubble in the bottom corner to start a new conversation with us. 😊