Turner Machine Success Story

by BetterBookClub | August 18th, 2015

Turner Machine

We love hearing from clients embracing the BetterBookClub program! Today, we are going to focus on Turner Machine Company, Inc.—a custom machine builder and full-service machine shop in Smyrna, Tennessee, just 15 miles southeast of Nashville.

Like many other successful businesses, Turner Machine has a set of core values to help guide interactions with coworkers, customers, and vendors. One of these core values is “Passion,” which represents the significance of building people, rather than just machines. With this core value in mind, Turner Machine joined BetterBookClub in late 2014.

According to Chief Energizing Officer, Jeff Turner, culture is everything at Turner Machine. Jeff has long been an advocate of reading for personal growth, and he has an extensive personal library in his office. An active reader with his own annual list of books to read, he has often bought multiple copies of books to give away to employees and customers. He not only signed his company up for BetterBookClub, but he is also participates in the program by attending meetings, submitting book reports, and recommending books to his team.

Turner Machine’s Senior Bookkeeper, Diane Frazier, has taken the lead as the BetterBookClub Champion. Assigning Frazier as Champion allows Turner Machine to have an employee-led BetterBookClub. Employees are paid quarterly on their regular paychecks for reading books from the company’s library.

The company decided to customize the point scale from their pre-loaded starter library to best fit its goals, and each book has a point value clearly listed on the inside cover. To further encourage participation, Turner has previously rewards employees with an extra incentive for reading a book that he personally picked out. Most recently, members received an additional $50 for reading “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. While Turner isn’t doing this extra incentive every quarter, he felt like it was a great idea to kick-start BetterBookClub participation at his company.

At Turner Machine, the biggest benefit of participating in BetterBookClub is seeing employees learn, grow, and apply new knowledge from the books they read. Jeff knows the financial reward is the initial attraction for many—but not all. His hope is that, once employees participate, they will enjoy and embrace the benefits of reading.

Turner Machine epitomizes the ability to tailor BetterBookClub to your specific needs!

Happy Reading!

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