New in BetterBookClub: View and Export the Insights You Need

by Kayla Diaz | July 17th, 2018

New in BetterBookClub: View and Export the Insights You Need


One of BetterBookClub’s greatest benefits is that it enables companies to track and measure growth within their team. But what if you want to do more than just view this information in the app, and what if the information you need isn’t easy to access in the first place?

Based on feedback from Champions in our most active book clubs and experiences from Championing our own book club, we’ve discovered some real pain points with viewing and tracking important insights.

To help solve these problems, we’ve updated three key pages with new stats and – the most exciting part – CSV exporting! We’re thrilled to introduce the new Analytics page, as well as improvements to the Manage Book Reports and Manage Library pages.

Introducing Analytics


Formerly known as the View Reports page, we’ve given this page a much-needed facelift!

At a glance, we’ve added:

  • Book Club Stats
  • More robust User Stats with CSV exporting
  • New and updated filters

Book Club Stats

Book Club Stats

The new Book Club Stats section lets you gauge participation in an instant. You can now quickly see the three most important metrics associated with your book club: Books Read, Reports Submitted, and Points Earned.

User Stats

User Stats

We took the old user stats section and added more information to better suit your tracking needs!

Now you can view both the number Library books a member has read, as well as the total number of books they’ve read (this includes titles that aren’t in your book club’s Library). On top of that, you can also see how many book reports each member has submitted. Last, but most certainly not least, you can export this entire list as a CSV to keep for your own tracking. 🎉

New and Improved Filters

Analytics Filters

We’ve expanded the filtering capabilities so you can get the stats you need with ease.

Check the box next to Show Deleted Users at the top of the page to include data from previous members of your book club. This means you’ll get a full picture of your club’s entire history under Book Club Stats, and deleted members will be included in the User Stats list.

Choose a date range to see stats pertaining to only a certain time period. For example, you can see your Book Club Stats for only the last month or get a list of members with the number of books read and points earned for only the last quarter! Or, under User Stats, you can see only the members that submitted reports, tagged books, earned point, etc. during a time period of your choosing.

Under User Stats, you can choose to hide users with no book reports to view a simplified list of only members who submitted book reports and/or earned points during a given time period. Want to see stats for just one particular member? Simply type their name in the search field!

The best part: If you export the User Stats with any of the filters applied, the CSV will reflect only the results returned from the filters!

💡 Pro Tip: You can sort any column within the table in ascending or descending order! Simply click the column’s header until you have it sorted the way you want. (An arrow will appear to show you which way it’s sorted!)

Manage Book Reports

Manage Book Reports

We completely revamped the Manage Book Reports page so that you can now view and export your book club’s entire book report history within any given period of time.

The new Book Report History section includes a full list of every book report ever submitted, along with details such as the book’s title and author, date submitted, status (i.e. pending, approved, or rejected), point value, and more.

We’ve also added filtering capabilities so you can:

  • Include book reports from deleted users
  • View only book reports submitted during a certain time period
  • Filter by user, title, or author

Manage Library

Manage Library

We added some new details to the Manage Library page so you can quickly view key insights associated with the titles in your book club’s Library. And, of course, you can export the full list of titles as a CSV!

These new stats include:

  • Number of members (all-time) who’ve read each book
  • Number of book reports submitted
  • Overall rating
  • Date a title was added to the Library

An Important Note About Date Added

“Date Added” is a bit tricky for a couple reasons: First, it’s a completely new data point that we’ve never previously tracked. Second, there are several ways a title can be added to a book club’s Library depending on the population setting (i.e. Champion-Approved or Automatic). This resulted in some unavoidable caveats that we’ve done our best to work around.

So, what does this mean exactly? In a nutshell, titles added before this update will default to the date your book club was created. And, moving forward, the date will be based on how the title was added. Below is a quick breakdown of the different methods for adding titles to the Library along with how the Date Added will be displayed:

Date Added
“Add New Book” Button
The date a Champion or Admin added a title to the Library using this method.
Book Bundles
The date the bundle was added by a Champion or Admin.
Book Suggestions
Champion-Approved Libraries only
The date the title was originally suggested by the user.
Automatic Libraries – Current Members
The date a new title was first tagged, added to the reading queue, or marked as currently reading by a current member of the book club.
Automatic Libraries –
New Members with Existing Profile
The date a new member with an existing BetterBookClub profile joined the book club. (All titles not already in the club’s Library will automatically be added when the member joins the club.)


We hope this helps you more easily view and track valuable insights about your book club and team members. Stay tuned for more updates to BetterBookClub!



We hope these updates make your life easier when it comes to exporting data for your book clubs and sharing with your companies. View the clip below and watch our webinar for a full demonstration of the improvements!

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Have questions, ideas, or feedback? We’d love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at, or log in to BetterBookClub and click the chat bubble in the bottom corner to start a new conversation with us. 😊