Carter Mario Success Story

by BetterBookClub | August 20th, 2015


Today we continue our series of success stories from BetterBookClub clients by focusing our attention on one of Connecticut’s top personal injury law firms, Carter Mario Injury Lawyers. After visiting cj Advertising—where BetterBookClub was born—in 2008, Carter Mario realized the impact a book club could have in his own organization. After our new web-based application launched in 2014, Carter Mario quickly jumped on the opportunity to utilize it for his law firm.

The vision for their BetterBookClub is to encourage learning and discussion about topics that will help them develop individually and as a group. With six locations throughout Connecticut, Carter Mario uses video conferencing to give members an opportunity to see and talk with their remote coworkers without the need to travel. After meetings, members receive a monetary bonus equal to the point value of the book(s) they’ve read. After learning about it during their onboarding process, new hires are especially excited about participating in BetterBookClub.

Here are what some of their avid readers have to say about their involvement in BetterBookClub at Carter Mario:

“My friends and family are amazed that our office participates in a book club program. They think it’s great, as do I! Now that our book club program is online with BetterBookClub, it makes it so much easier to get a snapshot of the books before you choose and read them. It’s a great program!!”

– Tracy Allard, Workers’ Compensation Case Manager

“I like participating in BetterBookClub because it enhances my knowledge. I also get to interact with people, and it’s intriguing to learn how others interpret books.”

– Nelly Febres, Litigation Team Leader

“Being part of the Carter Mario BetterBookClub program is a way for me to read books I would not normally pick up, and I get paid for it.”

– Tracy Yentsch, Front Office Manager

“Our BetterBookClub group is composed of a bunch of different employees with different interests. So, in addition to gaining their quite distinct takes on the books at hand, I also gain a window into their lives, which are so very different from my own.”

– Michele Wagner, Worker’s Compensation Hearing Representative

We love seeing how BetterBookClub has grown and evolved with Carter Mario Injury Lawyers over the past seven years. Cheers to seven more!

Happy reading!

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