BetterBook Podcast Ep. #003: LEAD YOUR TRIBE, LOVE YOUR WORK

by Alli Durfee | September 25th, 2018

Lead Your Tribe, Love Your Work: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating a Culture that Matters


LEAD YOUR TRIBE, LOVE YOUR WORK is a culture-focused guide to getting your team to that next level.

From teaching science to sixth-graders to teaching digital animation to over a million students worldwide, Piyush Patel knows first hand the difference a thriving culture makes in the workplace. Borrowing heavily from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Piyush believes it’s a company’s duty to go above and beyond an employee’s physiological and safety needs. It’s difficult to measure what exactly a company is left to provide after a basic paycheck and safety. What is known is very few companies strive to do so. According to Piyush, when a company brings B.A.M. to the table is when business takes off.

B.A.M. is Culture!

When you give your employees belonging, affirmation, and meaning you are continuously nourishing the fruitful garden that is your company! If carefully tended,  your soil will turn rich and your plants will grow mighty. It will be easy for any new plant to take root and thrive and the community around you will be thankful. Plus, you’ll always have ripe rewards of your own to pick!

“When I started my company, I was constantly training my employees. What ended up happening, though, was I got so focused on making money. I got the company so big so fast, that I quit inspiring and teaching. When I got back to that, the company just took off. We quadrupled the business when I started focusing back on my people.”

Post-acquisition, Piyush finds himself in what he would call his sweet spot. Today he advises CEOs and entrepreneurs in all stages of their careers and is helping his peers grow their businesses.

Check out Lead Your Tribe, Love Your Work to learn how you can build a better company—and a better life— by putting communication first.

Hear more from Piyush and listen to our conversation in its entirety where he breaks down B.A.M. and how it changed his world.

BetterBookClub Podcast Ep. #003- Piyush Patel from Worth Doing Wrong on Vimeo.