Author of the Week Margaret Heffernan

by BetterBookClub | June 18th, 2015

Margaret-Heffernan June 18 15 copy’s Book of the Week A Bigger Prize: How We Can Do Better than the Competition was written by Bestselling Author Margaret Heffernan. Her personal motto is, “Let’s not play the game, let’s change it.” And when an author has a personal motto, you know that they have something worth saying and that you better listen up read up. Heffernan has been changing the game for a number of years through being a CEO at five different companies, to being a serial entrepreneur to being a keynote speaker and many more job titles in between.

For her recent Ted Talk, Heffernan was asked what she was most passionate about and she said, “New ideas that make work joyful. The glue between people that makes them stronger, better, braver and more creative…” Her quote perfectly ties into’s way of thinking! Through the use of a company can create a vibrant culture of readers with fresh new ideas and the confidence to put those ideas into action.

Once you finish reading our Book of the Week then you need to read Beyond Measure: The Big Impact of Small Changes also by Heffernan as a follow up which was just released in May of this year. Another one of her books, Willful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious at our Peril, was a finalist for the Financial Times/Goldman Sachs Best Business Book award and the Financial Times named it one of its “best business books of the decade.” All of these accolades are just another reason why we all need to listen to Heffernan in order to change the game.

Now that you have a list of books to put in your reading queue there is just one more thing to say…Happy Reading!

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