An ‘A’ for eBooks

by BetterBookClub | July 8th, 2015

An-A-for-eBooks July 8 15

There are two types of readers in the world. One type loves eBooks and the other type well, doesn’t. While I am a personal fan of eBooks, I’m not going to try to change your mind if your mind is already made up. What I am going to do is tell you why eBooks within your company’s program make sense.

While there are various systems that allow you to use eBooks, iBooks by Apple and Kindle books by Amazon are the major players in the game of eBooks. As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to both systems. I have bought books using both of the apps, and for the ease of things, I am going to focus my attention on Kindle eBooks for the rest of this post. Amazon and other retailers sell Kindle devices which your company can purchase, but there is also a free app that can be downloaded (for iOS and Android) and utilized.

eBooks are great for businesses that have people who travel often or have employees who work remotely. They are also a great way to boost your company’s library at the cost of roughly half of what a physical book costs. On Kindle devices with audio capabilities and through the Kindle app on your smartphone, books have a feature called “text-to-speech” that allows an eBook to become an audio book with a simple tap of the screen. This is a great feature for employees who have long commutes. Another added bonus is that eBooks usually have a lower cost over audiobooks, plus eBooks can’t be scratched like a disc for an audiobook can be.

Sharing eBooks

The benefits of having eBooks in your BBC library are plentiful and most encourage connection between members. One major benefit to sharing an eBook instead of a physical books is that you can transfer a text without passing along coffee stains and folded pages. For all the germaphobes out there, this is a VERY sanitary way to share.

For detailed instructions on how to share a Kindle eBook, go here. Please note that a person can only borrow the shared item for a maximum of 14 days before the book it automatically deleted from the borrower’s library, so this will give the reader an extra incentive to read quickly. It is my suggestion that your company’s Champion is the one who purchases eBooks for the book club and then lends them out to other Kindle users. The Champion is a great choice to purchase the eBooks since they are already responsible for keeping up with the company’s online and physical library.

The ‘highlight’ tool in Kindle allows a reader to highlight certain sections. This, in turn, will help the reader fill out their company report with greater detail, since they can also quickly type out notes about what they are reading.

eBooks may not work for every company’s library, but they’ll be a great options for many businesses.

Happy e-Reading!

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