50 Books That Impacted Entrepreneurs

by BetterBookClub | June 24th, 2015

50 Book Entrepeneurs June 24 15

At, it’s obvious that we love books. We also love articles about books. That’s why I want to direct your attention to a recent article on by Serial Entrepreneur Andrew Medal.

In the article entitled 50 Global Entrepreneurs Recommend 50 Books That Forever Impacted Their Lives, Medal mentions that he has read 197 books in three years. (That’s 1.26 books per week!) He goes on to say that during those two years he “became more cultured, intelligent, [and] informed.”

Besides reading, Medal says that his personal mission is to help other entrepreneurs, and that is exactly why he started a Facebook group of like-minded individuals. It was in that Facebook group that he asked others to name a book that had the greatest impact on their life. Medal received answers from all over the world. The article mentioned above lists 50 of the book suggestions that came from those Facebook comments.

As you can imagine, popular books such as The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, and Good to Great by Jim Collins were on the list. However, there were 47 other books that you may not have read. Take a look at the article and then add a few of the titles to your reading queue soon.

Happy Reading!

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