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BetterBookClub is a customizable, web-based application that encourages team member training and growth through reading. Our product enables members at every level of an organization to share what they’re reading, recommend titles to others, and track progress.

Our Story

BetterBookClub started in 2006 as an experiment at a 30-person advertising agency in Nashville, Tennessee. Agency founder and president, Arnie Malham, is an avid business book reader who had a problem—a growing stack of books he’d conquered in his home.

When his wife requested the stack be kept somewhere (anywhere) other than their den, Arnie brought his books to the office, put them on a shelf, and announced that anyone could borrow a book and absorb the knowledge.

Over the next few months, almost no one borrowed, read, or even leaned toward any of Arnie’s books. Then an idea emerged—what would happen if he rewarded people for reading? He added a point value to the inside cover of each book and decided he would reward team members for reading books and earning points.

Slowly but surely, the BetterBookClub concept gained momentum and the revolution began. Arnie’s wife was thrilled the books were out of her way, Arnie was thrilled others were absorbing concepts he had read about, and team members benefited from both the knowledge they gained and the reward system.

Arnie Wrote the Book on Culture

BetterBookClub is just one of many concepts created by CEO/Founder, Arnie Malham. For more than 20 years, Arnie has been experimenting with ways to attract the best people to do the best work. The key? A culture that rocks. In “Worth Doing Wrong,” Arnie discusses strategies you can use to invest in your team members, smash business goals, create win-win relationships, generate buzz, and build a rockin’ workplace.

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Arnie Malham


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