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BetterBookClub lets your team members choose the books they read, tracks their progress, and fosters learning.

When team members read, they grow. So does your business.

Are your team members reading enough?

Our idea is simple: when businesses incentivize reading, big things happen. Inspiration takes hold. Ideas spread. A common vocabulary develops. Your culture strengthens. And most important of all, everyone grows together.

With BetterBookClub, you get an easy-to-use, web-based book club that encourages professional growth within your business. Our application tracks statistics, schedules meetings, and makes it easy for members to choose the books they read.

Our Founder/President, Arnie Malham, is always happy to discuss how BetterBookClub could work in your business. Feel free to email him at or text him on his mobile at 615.406.3557 and he’ll give you a call.

Build knowledge fast.

BetterBookClub is not a “book of the month” club. Your business provides the books in your library. Your team members choose what—and when—they want to read. We help you take care of the rest.

Our application makes day-to-day administration of your company’s book club simple, so you can focus on your business—and your team can focus on choosing their next book.

Track progress. Recognize growth.

BetterBookClub lets you control what you want your company’s book club to be. Add titles to your library, invite your team members to join, and view real-time user statistics.

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Results you can see.

BetterBookClub can do wonders for your company’s culture, engagement, and productivity. But don’t take it from us. Read what authors, business leaders, and our own clients have to say about our one-of-a-kind application.

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    Over 25 users

And the best part? No expensive conference fees, no time or productivity lost to travel, and everyone in your company is able to participate.

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