• “Creating a culture of world class customer service often starts with reading about world-class customer service. I would encourage you to build your culture with BetterBookClub.”

    John R. DiJulius

    John R. DiJulius

    Author/Customer Experience Consultant
  • “Take action on the things you read and you will be the exception. I believe BetterBookClub can help build a culture of exception within your company.”

    Jack Daly

    Jack Daly

  • “Getting your team to read is simply the best training you can provide. BetterBookClub makes it so simple for you to create a system for tracking and rewarding your employees to do just that.”

    Rory Vaden

    Rory Vaden

  • “When people feel fascinated at work, our studies show they’re more engaged, productive, and loyal. How to build a culture of fascination in your company? Start by sharing ideas that matter with BetterBookClub.”

    Sally Hogshead

    Sally Hogshead

    CEO, How to Fascinate
By the Numbers

Around the Globe

Businesses that subscribe to BetterBookClub represent 26 countries around the world.

Books Into Brains

Across all of our subscribers’ book clubs, BetterBookClub users are reading nearly 1,000 books at any given time.

Non-Stop Growth

Our reading queues allow you to create a list of titles you want to read next. Among all BetterBookClub users, more than 2,900 books have been added to reading queues.

What Companies Are Saying About Us

  • dsicovery

    “We would also bring it up naturally in conversation and explain how simple the BetterBookClub process is. Active members inviting others contributed most to gaining readers for our first meeting.”

  • cem

    “Now that our book club program is online with BetterBookClub, it makes it so much easier to get a snapshot of the books before you choose and read them. It’s a great program!”

  • company-logo

    “At Turner Machine, the biggest benefit of participating in BetterBookClub is seeing employees learn, grow, and apply new knowledge from the books they read.”

  • telemedicine

    “The way Telemedicine Clinic sees it, one of the biggest benefits of participating in BetterBookClub is having a well-designed application to simplify the management of their reading program.”