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A Culture That Attracts and Retains Top Employees Starts With You

February 3rd, 2017, BetterBookClub

Here’s a riddle for you: There are four seagulls sitting on the dock. Three decide to leave. How many seagulls are left? Answer: Four. Why? Because deciding to leave and leaving are two different things. In your business, when it comes to building a culture that rocks, it’s a lot like the seagulls. Lots of people talk about it, but… Read More


We’re Taking It Up a Notch

November 18th, 2015, Kayla Diaz, Website Manager

Friends, We’ve got some great updates to our application to tell you about! Introducing… Notes!Many users requested that we develop a notes function… Your wish was our command! You can now take notes on books that you’ve read or that you are currently reading. Whether it’s to help you fill out your book report or… Read More

Fall’s Top 5 Most Anticipated New Books

October 27th, 2015, Alli Durfee

Fall brings pumpkin spice and everything nice! Along with new book releases and salted caramel lattes. Embrace the season by grabbing one of fall’s most anticipated books suggested by Actionable Books. Rising Strong by Brené Brown Brené Brown, the bestselling author of Daring Greatly and The Gifts of Imperfection is back. Her subject? Dusting yourself off after failure. It’s a… Read More

Carter Mario Success Story

August 20th, 2015, BetterBookClub

Today we continue our series of success stories from BetterBookClub clients by focusing our attention on one of Connecticut’s top personal injury law firms, Carter Mario Injury Lawyers. After visiting cj Advertising—where BetterBookClub was born—in 2008, Carter Mario realized the impact a book club could have in his own organization. After our new web-based application… Read More

Turner Machine Success Story

August 18th, 2015, BetterBookClub

We love hearing from clients embracing the BetterBookClub program! Today, we are going to focus on Turner Machine Company, Inc.—a custom machine builder and full-service machine shop in Smyrna, Tennessee, just 15 miles southeast of Nashville. Like many other successful businesses, Turner Machine has a set of core values to help guide interactions with coworkers,… Read More

Telemedicine Clinic Success Story

August 17th, 2015, BetterBookClub

Reading is global, and so is BetterBookClub! Our client Telemedicine Clinic (TMC) is located in Barcelona, Spain. They are a subspecialist radiology center that provides 24-hour reporting services and support to more than 100 public service hospitals and local health authorities in Europe. Before BetterBookClub, TMC manually logged their employees’ reading, which was complicated and… Read More

Dr. Seuss and His Newest Book

July 28th, 2015, BetterBookClub

  I bet you remember reading Dr. Seuss books as a child. His iconic rhymes were perhaps even the first words you learned how to read. Nearly 25 years after his death, a transcript and drawings of a never-before-seen picture book were discovered and is now being released today. In the book entitled What Pet… Read More


The BetterBookClub Point System

July 24th, 2015, BetterBookClub

As you can see in your online BetterBookClub library, every book has a point value associated with it. The point values are determined by the length of the book and the complexity of the topic covered. In order to help your program get started, BetterBookClub has supplied point values for all of the books that… Read More


BetterBookClub App Updates

July 14th, 2015, BetterBookClub

We’ve added some great new features to the BetterBookClub application! Read on for all the details. New book search function on the Profile Page: You can now search for and mark books as ‘I’ve Read This,’ ‘I’m reading this,’ and ‘I want to read this.’ They will then be added to Books Read, Currently Reading,… Read More


An ‘A’ for eBooks

July 8th, 2015, BetterBookClub

There are two types of readers in the world. One type loves eBooks and the other type well, doesn’t. While I am a personal fan of eBooks, I’m not going to try to change your mind if your mind is already made up. What I am going to do is tell you why eBooks within… Read More

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